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Window Functions vs GROUP BYs

There are many options available for improving the performance of a query: indexes, statistics, configuration settings, etc… However, not all environments allow you to use those features (eg. vendor…

Bert Wagner

2019-04-25 (first published: 2019-04-16)

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What’s the Mashup Engine?

By Steve Jones

I was testing something the other day and ran sp_who2 on a test instance....

Join me for a PASS Summit Pre-Con

By Monica Rathbun

I am very excited to announce I will be delivering a pre-conference session on...

Yes, pulling just the data you need is really important.

By Kenneth Fisher

I was asked the other day why a customer was having performance issues on...

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CU14 for SQL 2017 – R and Python CAB file issues

By quackhandle1975

Hi, have a standalone Dev SQL 2017 instance that is was at CU13 build...

Convert DATETIME to a date in ISO format

By Edvard Korsbæk

I have a field, DATO, which is formatted as DATETIME. There is no time...

Time difference

By hrvvoda

How to calculate time difference between up and down rows?   So, I need...

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